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The Empowering Kids with Interactive Digital Library is an innovative project which focuses on integrating literacy, reading, analytical thinking, and creative skills at the school education level on a multi-lingual digital distance-learning platform using transfer effects between these competencies besides artistic, cultural effects, and elements.

The project is coordinated by the University of Malaga within the partnership of the University of Crete, Tashkent State Pedagogical University, I.V. college, and D.V. school.
The main objectives of the project are:

  • equipping education and training systems to face the challenges presented by the recent sudden shift to online and distance learning by creating free digital-educational resources with a creative commons license,
  • strengthening the strategic/structured cooperation across the EU education institutions and digital technology providers and experts in educational technologies to develop high-quality digital resources/tools,
  • supporting teachers to develop digital competencies and safeguarding the inclusive nature of learning opportunities,
    enabling students to acquire reading and creative skills through innovative digital content,
  • taking advantage of the increasing convergence of communications media and institutional roles to create and disseminate digital content,
  • adapting to digital changes in education at the organizational level,
  • maintaining effective partnerships for cooperation in developing tailor-made solutions adapted to local challenges and realities.
The project targets the involvement of more than 500 teachers, 5000 students at the primary and secondary school level in innovative activities promoting the use of digital resources for increasing young learners' literacy, reading, analytical thinking, and creative skills. In the long term, we target all teachers, parents, students at the primary and secondary school level as well as the Language and Literature Departments of universities, education faculties, researchers and policymakers, and all related stakeholders.
There will be three Transnational Project Meetings(TPMs), the Kick-off meeting, an interim meeting for evaluation and corrections, and the final meeting for preparing the report, finalizing the outputs, dissemination, and sustainability of the project. Three participants from each partner institution will participate in each TPMs. The project involves one short-term joint-staff training event(LTT) for joint work to set up a tailor-made framework for creating digital stories targeting students between the age of 10-15.
The mobility, “Digital Story Writing Workshop”, will be organized by UOC. The event will take place for 5 days in September 2021 with the involvement of 30 participants. It'll cover training and activities about the fundamental steps of the digital story creation process.

The project "Empowering Kids with Interactive Digital Library" aims to create two intellectual outputs that lead us to achieve project goals. The Digital Storybooks are enriched with interactive pre/while/post-reading activities supported by 6 languages and a digital library web platform where approximately 600 digital storybooks in different languages and other tangible materials.
It has been planned to reach 260 people from educational environments with two multiplier events, which will be held at an international level in Uzbekistan and Spain.

The project will adapt the fundamental changes in the traditional education concepts according to the requirements of this digital era, contribute to solving lots of flows and
shortcomings of educational systems during the extraordinary time we are passing through, and make essential transformation at local, national, and international level. The target group of students is expected to develop literacy, reading, analytical thinking, and creative skills through literature from a lifelong learning perspective. The target group of teachers is expected to use the digital library, rich in high-quality content, accessible from anywhere and anytime for free, and can practically be embedded in educational curriculums at the school education level. The participants will develop their skills in digital story writing for the target group of readers, which is a transferable key impact for further projects at the organizational, national, or international level. In the long term, we expect more academicians, researchers, curricula developers, and policymakers will be interested in the establishment of interactive digital libraries or transforming existing libraries into a digital format by adding innovative ideas for the use of society. By the end of the project, 30 participants will have been involved in LTT events, 260 participants in multiplier events. More than 500 teachers and 5000 students will have got the benefit of the project activities. We expect to reach about 10000 beneficiaries from stakeholders.
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